We've Found the Emmaus Road and It's Crumbling

We’ve Found the Emmaus Road and It’s Crumbling

Have you ever wished you could have been nearby when Jesus explained the Scriptures to the disciples on the Emmaus Road in Luke 24? Wouldn’t it be great to just see where this road was? Believe it or not, scholars have known its location for decades now. The remains of the Roman road are visible […]

Narkis Conference, Jerusalem - Highlights

Narkis Conference, Jerusalem – Highlights

About a month ago I spoke at a conference at Narkis Church in Jerusalem. I posted a link to my talk called Jesus’ Bold Messianic Claims on an earlier blog, but many of the talks there will be of interest to those who like to learn about Christianity in its historical, Judaic context. The entire […]

Learn About the Life of a Shepherd

Learn About the Life of a Shepherd

It’s hard to read very far in your Bible before bumping into shepherds. We find them in parables, psalms and Christmas stories. Many of our biblical heroes (both men and women) herded sheep, like Jacob, Rebecca, Moses and David. And Jesus even pictured the final judgment in shepherding terms — as separating the sheep from […]