Having a "Kosher Mouth" - A Talk I Gave

Having a “Kosher Mouth” – A Talk I Gave

Now that the elections are over, we’re all breathing a sigh of relief from the mud-slinging ads. Our ears were practically pickled in the brine of malicious words. This has been on my mind especially lately because I spoke at a conference last weekend on “How to Have a Kosher Mouth.” The talk was about […]

Jewish Voice Today - Interview on August 15

Jewish Voice Today – Interview on August 15

Shalom, friends – I just wanted to share a quick update. I’m going to be in Phoenix this Wednesday for an interview onĀ  Jewish Voice Today about my book, Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus. This is a Messianic Jewish program hosted by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis. I did this once before. Back in 2009, […]