5 Hebrew Words that Every Christian Should Know

5 Hebrew Words CoverBy Lois Tverberg

© Lois Tverberg, 2014
eBook, 46 pages

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5 Hebrew Words that Every Christian Should Know is a friendly, bite-sized study of five flavorful Hebrew words.

Readers will get a taste of the ancient wisdom of Hebrew, the Bible’s heart-language, and see how useful it can be for reading both Old and New Testaments. Along the way they’ll uncover delightful word-plays that simply don’t translate into English, and find out how Hebrew unlocks mysteries like…

…how people can have ears but not “hear”

…how (or if) God can “forget” a person

…how sins can be “visited” upon someone

5 Hebrew Words was written as an ebook because the online format allows readers to use links to view each Bible verse in multiple translations. Seeing how different translators interpret a Hebrew word is often helpful for getting a sense of a word’s range of meaning. Readers are invited to reflect on how the deeper meaning of each Hebrew word impacts what the Scriptures are saying to their own lives.

The ebook allows readers to experience for themselves how translators deal with the expansiveness of Hebrew words, which are richer and wider than their English equivalent. Each study yields insights that will enrich Bible reading for years to come.  Through the book’s brief lessons, 5 Hebrew Words reveals that Bible study is far richer when we read the Scriptures in light of their original language and culture.

Available as an ebook only (as a PDF), but owners are welcome to print a copy for study and note-taking. Kindle owners, see below.

5 Hebrew Words that Every Christian Should Know

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Kindle owners: After you download this ebook, here’s how to add it to your Kindle library: Go to your Kindle’s “Settings” to find your Kindle’s email address. Then send an email to your Kindle with the ebook pdf attached. You can order 5 Hebrew Words at the Kindle store if you’d rather, but the Amazon ebook is not printable and the Bible verse links may not work. Note: If you already bought the book on Kindle, please forward a copy of your Amazon e-receipt to my email (above) and my office will send you a printable pdf of the book.


15 Responses to “5 Hebrew Words that Every Christian Should Know”

  1. 1
    Antoinette 'Toni' Myers|June 8, 2014

    I will be purchasing a download of this for myself – 5 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know. I am in ‘leadership’ for a Woman’s SS class.Is this available to be translated into Chinese also for a Chinese friend of mine ? So I would then purchase a Chinese copy for her, and IF NOT, that’s okay. She is learning ‘slowly’ to read & speak English !

    Thank you, Sincerely,
    Mrs. Toni Myers

  2. 2
    Lois Tverberg|June 8, 2014

    Toni, the book looks specifically at how Hebrew is translated into English. One thing I’d suggest she could do is simply look at the Bible verses in a Chinese translation. Another book I wrote, “Listening to the Language of the Bible,” has actually been translated into Chinese and I have some copies of it. Write me if you are interested.

  3. 3
    Nick|June 8, 2014


    I sincerely appreciate your insight and ministry. You continue to inform and inspire me.

    If you are interested in selling the book on Barnes and Noble and Amazon, in order to allow people to read the book on their Kindle and Nook, I would be thrilled to help.

    I’m looking forward to reading this book!

  4. 4
    Linda|June 8, 2014

    Hi, Lois.
    Thank you for this ebook. I purchased it without problem. Is there a link that will be sent to us to download the book? Or did I miss something? I got the notice from PayPal that indicated the transaction being made.
    I enjoy reading your posts. That God continues to bless your work.

  5. 5
    Lois Tverberg|June 8, 2014


    When Paypal completed the transaction, the message had a big button that you needed to click to get to the secure page where you can download the book. If you close the message, you can’t get there later. I will email the ebook to you though – no problem.

    (If this happens to anyone else, email me at Tverberg(@)OurRabbiJesus.com, and I’ll send it to you.)

  6. 6
    Dee|June 25, 2014

    Is there a way I can download this book to my computer? I do not have the proper equipment for e-books.

  7. 7
    Lois Tverberg|June 26, 2014

    As I’ve said in earlier comments, it is a pdf file, and it can be read on any computer. You don’t need an e-book reader.

  8. 8
    Marney Kidder|July 16, 2014

    Will your book be available on amazon so I can get it on my kindle?

  9. 9
    Lois Tverberg|July 16, 2014

    (Updated 1/11/15) You can already put the ebook on your Kindle. See instructions above for Kindle owners. You can order it from Amazon at this link if you like, but you won’t be able to print that version. (Once again, see note above.)

  10. 10
    Marney Kidder|July 16, 2014

    Sorry I didn’t see the other posts I really enjoy your books. Marney

  11. 11
    Michael|October 16, 2014

    I am a new subscriber to Our Rabbi Jesus and have enjoyed and was enriched by all I have read. I am linking your blog in my blog under two categories; “Blogroll” and “Religion and Spiritual.”

    Keep up the good work.

  12. 12
    Lois Tverberg|December 15, 2014

    12/15/14 – Update to all the folks who asked about Amazon Kindle. The 5 Hebrew Words book is now available there at this link.

  13. 13
    Scott|March 25, 2015

    I’d like to use 5 Hebrew Words for a book study in my church. However, many of the people in the class do not have or will not use an e-reader, they are old school hard copy book people. Is it possible to pay a per copy charge for permission to copy enough for those in the class who want a hard copy?

  14. 14
    Lois Tverberg|March 26, 2015

    Yes, we can do that. Please email me at tverberg [at] ourrabbijesus.com and we can work out details for a multi-liscense version.

  15. 15
    Joyce Hails|April 30, 2018

    Lois, Thank you for your ministry. Reading your books (I’m in the middle of Walking in the Dust…) is changing how I view God. My love for Him has been so shallow. However, I do not want to focus on my shortcomings but on Him and His great love and grace. What led me to your books was materials by RVL and Brad Gray. It is life-changing reading these resources and ultimately the bible from the Jewishness of how it was written and the historical context. I have a goal/dream of getting to Israel in the next 3 years, God willing. Thank you so much again.