The following websites are useful sources for more information.


 En-Gedi Resource Center

An educational ministry devoted to teaching Christians about their faith in light of its original Jewish context. Features hundreds of links, devotionals and articles by Lois Tverberg and others on this topic.


Center for Judaic-Christian Studies

Excellent resources from Dwight A. Pryor on the Jewish roots of Christianity. Decades of scholarship have given him some profound insights to share.

Website of That The World May Know, ministry of Ray Vander Laan. Produced Faith Lessons video series, leads trips to Israel and Asia Minor. TTWMK seeks to help Christians grow in faith, with the message of Scripture in light of its original, embedded Semitic or Jewish culture.


Jerusalem Perspective

Hundreds of articles that explore Jesus’ teaching within its first-century Jewish context. With a premium content membership, searchable access to 25 years of the journal. Well worth it.


Biblical Language Center

Has immersion courses in Israel to learn Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek as living languages, in order to think and speak in them. Fun and very effective for retention and comprehension. Highly recommended.

Pictorial libraries of images from Israel and other Bible lands by Todd Bolen. An excellent resource. Also, each photographed location has a list of useful links for further research. Check out the blog too, featuring up-to-the-minute news in biblical archaeology.


Hebraic Christian Global Community

Has online courses and publishes books and magazines, with a mission of facilitating the restoration of the Hebraic foundations of the Christian faith to all believers.

A searchable online Jewish Encyclopedia in the public domain – published in 1905. Not useful for current events, but has excellent articles on Jewish traditions and biblical interpretation.


Day of Discovery

Day of Discovery is a program produced by RBC Ministries, hosted by Mart de Haan.


Hebrew For Christians

Excellent site for learning Hebrew, also for Christianity’s Jewish heritage. Features many Jewish prayers and articles on Jewish observance.