Following in the Footsteps of Jesus Retreat: Charleston, SC, Feb 6-8, 2018



The United Methodist Church has invited me to lead a Spiritual Life Retreat, February 6-8, 2018 near Charleston, South Carolina. Anyone is welcome to join us!

I’ll be leading three main sessions, and there will be five other breakout presenters.



Following in the Footsteps of Jesus


At The Feet of Rabbi Jesus

What can we learn from Jesus’ first-century world that will make His words even more powerful and life-changing ? We’ll look at the scriptures from within the culture in which they were written — a VERY different perspective than our Western mindset.


Hearing God Speak Through Jesus’ Jewishness

When God decided to communicate with us in the flesh, he chose to enter our world as a first-century Jew. Why did he choose that place and time? What difference does it make for how we read the Bible today? We’ll look at some of the many ways his words to us are clearer and richer when we hear them in their native context.


Rabbi, Teach Us to Pray

Jesus’ life was saturated in prayer and he lived among a people of great prayer. We’ll look at some rich Jewish prayer customs that can help us learn to pray more like he did.


For more information about the weekend presenters, go to this link. If you want to register, use this link.

Download the brochure here.

Register before December 1 for a discount. The retreat will be held at:

North Charleston Marriott
4770 Goer Drive
North Charleston, SC 29406


Check out the video below. It will entice you to come join us!