Learn the Bible’s Languages in Israel

If you’ve wished you could unlock the deepest riches of the Bible, learning a little Hebrew and Greek is essential. It’s also critical to travel the land of Israel to experience the biblical sites first hand. Would you like to do both this summer? At the same time?

Eight years ago I studied Beginning Hebrew at the Biblical Language Center, just outside of Jerusalem, Israel. I was amazed at how effective their unconventional method was of teaching ancient Hebrew as if it was a modern, living language.

Hebrew on Temple South Stairs

We sang and danced and talked and played in biblical Hebrew. We hurled a classmate, as Jonah, into the Mediterranean. We reenacted David’s battles with the Philistines on the very site they took place. We floated on the Dead Sea and hiked around the Galilee, all while learning Hebrew. At the end of six weeks of fun but challenging work, we had the skills that usually require two semesters’ slogging through dry lectures and mind-numbing verb charts.

I’ve since been back for two summers for Intermediate Hebrew and Koine Greek. Each time it has been a fascinating, wonderful experience.

Would you like to learn more? Check out the Biblical Language Center website for more information about their approach, and for courses this summer. Greek classes start June 7, Hebrew classes start June 21. This year airfares are at historic lows, so it’s the year to go if you’re able.


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