“Being There” Haverim Seminar, Dayton, OH, Oct. 15, 2016

LAT w: Jesus at HSDI’ll be doing a brand new seminar based on research for my upcoming book on October 15, 2016 in Beavercreek, Ohio (near Dayton.) I’ll be giving three talks on Saturday, October 15, 2016 from 9 AM to noon, and then speaking again at the Feast of Tabernacles celebration in the evening.

Here is the overview of my seminar:


Being There: Reading the Bible from a Hebraic Perspective

How can we encounter God’s word as a native? How can we hear Jesus as his disciples did? How can we truly be there? We need to open our hearts, and we also need to orient our minds. We need to bridge the cultural gap between our Western world and that of the Eastern, Hebraic setting of the Bible.

This weekend we’ll look at some big-picture ideas and cultural assumptions that will surprise modern Bible readers. Among other things, we’ll look at

“Greek-Brain” vs. “Hebrew-Brain”

A World that is about We, not Me

Where Life Revolves Around the Text

Our Lost Sense of Awe

What passages might Jesus’ first Jewish disciples read differently as a result? How can a more Hebraic perspective inform our lives today?


My talks will be part of the Haverim Lecture Series for the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies. (More below.) As a long-time haverah, I’m very honored to speak for this excellent organization. There is no cost to attend, but please register at the event page.

The seminar will also be part of an action-packed Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) weekend hosted by the Church of Messiah. Christians from around the region will join together to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles on Friday & Saturday, October 14-15. See the Church of Messiah Sukkot 2016 page for more information.


Beavercreek Church of the Nazarene
1850 N. Fairfield Rd.
Beavercreek, OH 45432



I should say… the Feast of Tabernacles at Church of Messiah is truly worth a trip. Glorious worship services on Friday and Saturday evenings bookend a weekend of learning and fellowship. In past years, I myself have taken the 6+ hour drive several times just to be an audience member. I’m honored and thrilled to be speaking. Hope you can join me!


About the Center for Judaic Christian Studies: Founded over thirty years ago by Dwight A. Pryor, the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies (JC Studies) is an evangelical, non-profit teaching ministry with a passion for acclimating Christians to the life and times of Jesus and the early church. Through our educational events, leading scholars share their expertise in the language, literature, culture and traditions of Israel during the life and time of Jesus and the early church, providing important insights into sacred scripture—both old and new.


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    Hi Lois, just wondering when your new book will be available and what it is about? Davicd

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