Invite Lois to Speak

Along with writing, I also speak publicly. I do weekend workshops at churches and speak at conferences and retreats.


Popular presentation topics include:


Jesus, Our Jewish Lord

Why should Christians concern themselves with the Jewish context of Jesus? We’ll look at some of the many ways that seeing him in his first-century reality can deepen our understanding of his message and challenge how we live today.


Rabbi, Teach Us to Pray

Jesus’ life was saturated in prayer and he lived among a people of great prayer. We’ll look at some rich Jewish prayer customs that can help us learn to pray more like he did.


Unlocking the Jewish Wisdom of Jesus’ Words

What did Jesus mean by “Do not judge?” This tough saying of Jesus’ makes a lot more sense in its ancient setting. We’ll look at what the rabbis said that can help us be better followers of Jesus.


How to Have a Kosher Mouth

Jesus had plenty to say about what should come out of our mouths. James too likened our tongues to a tiny spark that can burn down a forest. What wisdom can we learn for how we speak to others?


Hearing God’s Hebrew Words

The Bible’s Hebrew words are aromatic and savory from the dusty, ancient land of their origin. Each one is  richer and deeper than any English equivalent. Lois will share some fascinating ways that hearing the Bible’s Hebrew “accent” has helped her unlock God’s Word.


East vs. West: How the Bible “Thinks”

Modern Westerners have a hard time with the Bible. The distance is often not one of time but of culture. We need to grasp the assumptions of its original audience.


Jesus’ Bold Jewish Messianic Claims

Jesus doesn’t seem to describe himself as the exalted Messiah and Son of God that we find in the rest New Testament…until you read his words in their Jewish context.


To invite me to speak to your group, please contact me at tverberg [@] or use the form below.