Women’s Retreat Weekend – Miracle Camp, Lawton, MI – April 24-26

Women of all ages, you’re welcome to join me for a relaxing retreat weekend at Miracle Camp in Lawton, Michigan on April 24 – 26, 2015. The camp is close to Kalamazoo, in southeast Michigan, about two hours east of Chicago.

Miracle CampMiracle Camp
25281 80th Ave.
Lawton, MI 49065


Over the weekend I’ll be speaking four times between Friday evening and Sunday morning.

We’ll be taking an intimate look at the life and ministry of Jesus from the viewpoint of one his first disciples. We’ll see how his first century Jewish context enriches our understanding of his powerful words. Along the way, we’ll unpack some wise Hebrew words and discover some rich Jewish prayers. Hope you can come!

Here are the details for my weekend speaking series:


At the Feet of Rabbi Jesus

What would it be like to listen to Jesus’ words through the ears of his disciples? This weekend we’ll explore the details of his first-century Jewish life and setting in order to deepen our appreciation of his words for our lives today.

Jesus, Our Rabbi and Lord:  What difference does it make that Jesus was Jewish? Why is it important for us to know about? We’ll look at how his first-century Jewish context sheds light on his ministry and messianic claims.

Shema! Hearing Jesus through a Disciple’s Ears: The two greatest commands, to love God and love neighbor, actually come from the Torah, and were discussed by other teachers of the day. Looking more deeply at their context unlocks new meaning.

God’s Wise Hebrew Words: The Bible’s Hebrew words are aromatic and savory from the dusty, ancient land of their origin. Each one is wider and deeper than its English equivalent. Discovering just a few aspects of the Bible’s Hebrew “accent” will give you new tools for digging into God’s Word.

Rabbi, Teach Us to Pray: Here, we’ll discover what Jesus’ prayer life was like, and explore some rich Jewish prayer traditions that can teach us how Jesus wanted us to pray.


For more information and registration, go to the Miracle Camp website.

Hope you can join us. After this long, dreary winter, it sounds like a great getaway to me!


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