Free download: Study Guide for Sitting at the Feet

discussionDear friends,

If you are reading Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus together with friends, I’m sure that you’ll appreciate the discussion / study guide that Zondervan has made for the book. It will be published in future editions, but you can print off a .pdf version for your group here.

Download the Study Guide for Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus at this link.

And, if you’re planning to order a quantity of books for your group, I can help you get them at a discount. Email me at for more information.



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    Sandy Willkomm|October 1, 2010

    I’m thrilled to have started the study of “…Rabbi Jesus” in a small group. Some questions on the first meeting were (1)pronouncing the Hebrew words (2)would like a demo on the correct way to write Hebrew shin–not just seeing the end result (3)was devaning prcticed in the first century… We all enjoyed the first chapter that was reviewed and all learned some new things to think about. I love the style of the book and the added resources. Your efforts have blessed many. Thank you. I am so happy to find free download of ?’s to use!Blessings.

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    Penny|November 7, 2011

    Lois, thank you SO much for the link to the free download. We are in the UK and the new book with the study questions is not currently available. My husband and I are believing gentiles with a passion for the Jewish roots of our faith which we have delved deeper into over the past several years having been first introduced to our roots by our Messianic Jewish friends. (In fact it was the same friends who gave us our first copy of ‘Sitting at the feet of Rabbi Jesus’ and we have since given several copies as gifts to other friends). It has given us such revelation and been like throwing light onto scripture bringing a real excitement, passion and deeper understanding to our faith in God. We absolutely loved ‘Sitting at the feet of Rabbit Jesus’ and are hoping we may be able to use these resources to share this with our small group at some point in the future. We know God has laid a passion for our Jewish roots deep within our hearts and we know that we are called to share this with others. We held our first ‘Jesus in the Passover’ celebration this year for approximately 75 people and had an incredibly positive response. Thank you for your inspirational writing.

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    Joni Erie|December 17, 2011

    I am currently reading your book and can’t tell you how much I am enjoying it and being blessed by it. I facilitate a bible study of women at my church and would LOVE to use this as our next study. We just finished one and will be starting one in Jan. (whenever I start one 🙂 ) I feel strongly led to do this and will purchase books, etc. right after Christmas. I am hopeful this will all work out. Thank you for your faithful diligence and walk, enlightening so many of us in the history and deeper intent of Jesus. I had small silver ‘tags’ engraved with ‘talmidah’ and attached them to bracelets for each woman on our last study. I look forward to ‘more understanding of scripture and his way of living it out’ in our next one!

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    Debra Jenkins|August 30, 2014

    Our ladies bible study group has already read your book “Sitting at the feet of Rabbi Jesus”. We will be reading “Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus” and we were wondering if there was a study guide for it as well?

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    Lois Tverberg|August 31, 2014

    Debra, Walking in the Dust already has a discussion guide at the end of each chapter. I put it in because so many had wanted one for Sitting at the Feet.

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