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If you’re interested in digging deeper into the book Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, several bloggers have been reviewing it and some are discussing it chapter by chapter. (Thanks to everyone who contacted me!) Here are some that I know of.

These first five have written multiple articles or are having ongoing discussions about the book, if you’d like to get involved:

Deconstructing the Monkey – Jonathan Paran Aran

One In Jesus – Jay Guin

Groans From Within – Kurt Williams

Community of Jesus – Ted Gossard

Christ Focus Book Club – Debbie White

And here are some sites that review the book. (Of course there are several reviews on the Amazon page for Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus.):

The Brew Crew Adventure – Beth Brewer

Gen215 – Thomas Smith

Common Grounds Online – Scott Armstrong

The Church at Spring Hill – William Guice

Fishing the Abyss – Chris Lyons

Light Along the Journey – John Hollandsworth

A Feather Adrift – Sherry Peyton

Historical Jesus – Leon Zitzer

Different Time, Different Place – Debbie White

Bookpage – (Book Review Magazine)

If you’ve written a review on your blog, please email me at and I’ll add you to my list.


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    John & Sharon Allardyce|May 26, 2009

    Have thoroughly enjoyed Sitting at the feet of Rabbi Jesus…We have
    become familiar and friends with Rabbi Daniel Thomson of Kalkaska, Mich. If you didn’t know he has an excellent set of CD’s on “The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith”….He’s a wonderful man, and had us over to his house for dinner with his family…..I talked with him for hours, and learned more then than I did in many years!! Check out his website at

    John Allardyce

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