Come Help Excavate Bethsaida this Summer

Have you ever dreamed of being an archaeologist? You’ll be interested in the project at the likely site of Bethsaida. This is the village near where Jesus fed the five thousand (Luke 9:12-17), and where three disciples called home (John 1:43).

Discovering bowls at El Araj

If you’ve toured the land, you may have visited a site that is called Bethsaida on tourist maps but doubted by scholars. It is over a mile from the Sea of Galilee, which is quite unlikely for a fishing village. Another more likely site on the lake shore has remained unstudied over the years. On every trip I’ve ever taken, guides have pointed out this spot and expressed their longing to see what lies below.

Finally, in 2016, digging commenced, and soon they found heart-shaped pillars typical of first-century synagogues. They’ve also found bits of ornate glass like that used in large, important churches. This suggests that a church may have once stood there to commemorate the site. Both of these clues suggest that much more lies below.

Wouldn’t it be fun to help in the digging? Believe it or not, you can do this on a two-week study trip, June 30 – July 14. Along with 10 days of digging, there will be field trips to other ancient sites. Mordechai Aviam and Steve Notley will be in the lead. Academic credit is available for students.

For more information see this link at Emmaus Educational Services.


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