Discussion & Reviews of Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus

If you’d like to get involved in the conversation, below are links to others who are discussing my latest book, Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus (Zondervan) or have written reviews. If you’ve posted something on your blog, let me know (tverberg*at*ourrabbijesus*dot*com) and I’ll share the link here.

Susan Parker, Parker’s Place: Susan is discussing the book chapters on her blog as she reads them. Feel free to join her there.

Kevin Neuner, VIAlogue: For years, my friends and colleagues and I have wrestled with the great problem of the expanse between “the church” (the laity) and “the academy” (the scholarly). …

Derek Leman, Messianic Jewish Musings: …What I like most about this book is its focus on and clear exposition of the ethics of Yeshua…

Todd Bolen, BiblePlaces.com: Some books are a pleasure to recommend and “Walking” is the first that I would suggest to those interested in understanding Jesus’ teaching better…

Darrell Phillips – Helium.com: “Walking” is a book that is true to its title…


Below are comments from advanced reviewers:

In this illuminating sequel on Rabbi Jesus, Tverberg has again done the serious student of Scripture a favor. At once edifying and challenging, Tverberg skillfully enables her readers to understand and apply more of the master Teacher’s expressions in their original Jewish setting. Let the feast begin.

— Marvin R. Wilson, Ph. D., Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies Gordon College


Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus is a must-read for every follower of Jesus. It takes us beyond the best-selling Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, which, in my opinion, is the starting point for any student interested in the background of Jesus’ message. It is filled with great practical wisdom that you can put to work in your life immediately. Using the latest scholarship in the fields of the languages and cultures of first-century Israel and the Mediterranean world, Tverberg is bringing the results and implications of this scholarship to Christian readers. Her ability in the relevant fields allows today’s Christians the unique opportunity to understand these results and apply them to their understanding of Scripture and to their lives.

— David Bivin, Author and Editor, Jerusalem Perspective

Lois Tverberg is a superb, scholarly guide. She immerses us in Jesus’ Jewish context so that our deepened comprehension of Jesus’ words can impel us to love God more fully and richly.  This book will indeed change your mind, your (Hebrew) heart, and your life!

— Marva J. Dawn, Theologian, Speaker and Author of Keeping the Sabbath Wholly and Being Well When We’re Ill

In Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus Lois Tverberg joins the disciplined mind of a research scientist (which she is!) with the passion of a true follower of Jesus (which she is!) to give us all an invaluable window into the life and witness of Jesus. When I write or preach on anything that Lois has thought or written about I always consult her. Her work is a treasure and Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus is a must-read for all who love him and long for his appearing!

— Rev. Dr. Timothy Brown, President, Western Theological Seminary

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    Michelle Behrend|August 26, 2014

    I’m wondering if there is a DVD discussion/study guide available for Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus?

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