Golden Bell from a Priest’s Robe Found

gold bellI got a kick out of a recent archaeological finding in Jerusalem – a golden bell that was likely sown on the hem of a high official’s garment.

Remember how God stipulated that the high priest’s robe was to have bells and pomegranates hanging from it (Exodus 28:34)? Well, they found a golden bell that likely fell off of his or some other important official’s garment in the first century.

High Priest RobeThis is of special interest to me personally, because several years ago, I was taking care of a high priest costume that had been ordered online. It arrived with little jingle bells hanging from the hem. I thought they looked odd – they reminded me of sleighs and reindeer. So I took them all off and sewed on little square cowbells that I bought at a craft store. Now we find out that the round bells weren’t so far off! (That’s Bruce Okkema, a.k.a. “Mr. High Priest” to school kids we visited.)

You can even listen to the sound of the bell – an audio file is online. If you imagine that sound multiplied a few dozen times, you can hear the sound of the high priest walking in the Temple.


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    Sandy|June 22, 2012

    I really like this! I have to admit the story about your cat was so close to home for me. I have always automatically prayed when losing something. I imagine in my mind God looking and knowing where it is and hope He will clue me in. The other night I was about to leave for Bible study and misplaced my purse. I never lose this item. It is just an odd thing for me to misplace but here I did. I searched around. getting a bit flustered (yes, silly shameful me I did) but I still asked God, could you help me out? You know exactly where this is? After much searching He reminded me it was in my mother’s car, of which she no longer drives and she gave to me. To decide if I want to keep or sell. Well I had been charging the battery and sat it on the front passenger seat. I tell you I would not have found it so easily had not God reminded me of this! I was so embarrassed when I did find it, I sheepishly told God, thank you! Isn’t it funny and humbling how God caring-ly ( is this a word? he-he) helps us on the day to day small things? I am reminded that I am to trust Him, not the outcome of my prayer. Also to look to Him not for the benefits of trust but for Him Alone!

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