“Insights on Jesus of Nazareth” – Great Video Series

I recently took over the ministry of the En-Gedi Resource Center, and wanted to show you one of our nicest resources.

IJN-Set1Along with books, we published audio and video. One of our best series was Insights into Jesus of Nazareth: His Words, His Wisdom, His World. A dozen of the finest scholars on the first-century context of Jesus convened for the Jerusalem Perspective 2006 Conference. We’ve shared their presentations here — more than 15 hours on the land and Jewish culture of Jesus.

Here, for instance, is an excerpt from a talk by David Bivin, founder and editor of Jerusalem Perspective:

And here is an excerpt from a provocative talk called, “Is Jesus Superior to the Law” by Dwight Pryor, founder of the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies.



The renowned archaelogist Gabriel Barkay gave a great talk called, “Was Jesus Buried in the Garden Tomb?” He answers the question about this traditional site by examining it in light of Jewish burial customs of the first century.



The rest of these lectures are available on the 8 DVD set, Insights into Jesus of Nazareth: His Words, His Wisdom, His World for $59 (originally $99). Also available on audio CD ($29.) Go to this page at the En-Gedi Resource Center (engediresourcecenter.com) for more information and ordering.

En-Gedi’s brand new Youtube Channel also has excepts from talks by James Charlesworth, Brad Young and Halvor Ronning from the Insights into Jesus DVD set. Check them out too!


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    Michael Tucker|May 19, 2015

    Hi Lois,

    Can you tell me how I can get an order for the DVD set Insights into Jesus of Nazareth shipped to Australia please? When I went to order I noticed that only shipping inside the US was offered.

    Michael Tucker

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    Sue Werner|May 19, 2015

    i would like to order the DVD set.

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