Keys to Understanding Jesus

Below is a brand new video resource, a series of interviews with David Bivin, author of New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus and editor of the journal Jerusalem Perspective. He gives a very nice, basic introduction to the importance of language and cultural context for understanding the Gospels.  This is the first of seven videos in the series. For the rest, visit this link. He also made a video introduction to Jerusalem Perspective on the website homepage.

The interviewer (and producer/editor of the videos) is John DeKruyter, a friend of mine, and I think he did an excellent job. John and his wife studied at Jerusalem University College in Israel for two years, and he is very active in leading tours to Israel and teaching the biblical context at his church in Richland, Michigan.

Having_Nothing_Lacking_Nothing_thumb.jpegYou might also enjoy the writing of his wife, Melanie. She recently published a book of reflections on her experience of living in Israel called Having Nothing, Lacking Nothing.

Right now she’s working on her next book, called Hands-On Holy Days. This is a resource with tips and ideas for Christian families for celebrating the biblical feasts with their children. Be sure to check out the Hands-On Holy Days blog.


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