Disciples as Apprentices

potter_hands_thumbIn Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, we wrote about the life of an ancient disciple in chapter 4, called “Following the Rabbi.”  You might remember that the ancient practice of apprenticeship is very similar, and likely the source of some of the traditions of discipleship.

I included the story of a modern day apprentice, Ange Sabin Peter, a potter who studied for six months with a Japanese master and experienced a very different, humbling way of learning. If you’d like to read the original article, which appeared in Ceramics Technical, here is a link to the pdf, called “A Japan Story.”

Ange_Pottery_4_thumbMs. Peter’s website is at this link. You can see some of the beautiful work that has come out of her time in Japan.

I found another modern story that I also thought captured a glimpse of the life of a disciple/apprentice. Once again, this is by a potter learning from a craftsman. This one is by Daniel Bellow, and it appeared in Ceramics Monthly. Here is a link to a pdf of the article, called “The Long Apprenticeship.”

Bellow_1_thumbWhat do you hear the authors saying that sounds like what Jesus’ disciples must have gone through? Have you gone through an experience of apprenticeship like this yourself that has taught you about being a disciple? Please share your thoughts.


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    Ted M. Gossard|August 29, 2009

    Very good stories, and I recall you mentioning them in the book.

    I’m sure we need much more of this in our midst as Christians. Maybe I should say we need it, period. And I mean in an intentional manner; I’m not saying it doesn’t happen.

    I’m afraid my experience is all too lacking in this, but I will say that whenever I admire someone I try to learn all I can from them in whatever ways I can. By reading their books, their blogs (both true for me with reference to a certain blog by which I started and stuck to blogging a few years back). And just observing them. While at the same time knowing that I am different and my gift from God is different.

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