What was the "Good Portion" that Mary Chose?

What was the “Good Portion” that Mary Chose?

Women have always cheered at the story of Mary of Bethany in Luke 10:38-42. Mary wanted to sit and learn from Jesus, in spite of Martha’s bossy reminders that a long list of chores had her name on them. Despite Martha’s protests, Jesus took her side. I’ve written before about how Jewish culture sheds light […]

Disciples as Apprentices

Disciples as Apprentices

In Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, we wrote about the life of an ancient disciple in chapter 4, called “Following the Rabbi.”  You might remember that the ancient practice of apprenticeship is very similar, and likely the source of some of the traditions of discipleship. I included the story of a modern day […]

Haverim Who are Passionate about Study

In the book Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, we talk about the Jewish tradition of studying the Scriptures and Jewish commentaries as haverim.  Pairs or small groups grapple together aloud over a text, earnest in their desire to dig deeper. This tradition is ancient – a rabbinic comment was made before Jesus’ time […]