Interview: Learning from Rabbi Jesus, with the Israel Bible Center

Recently, I was interviewed by Dr. Yeshaya Gruber as a part of the Israel Bible Center’s Roundtable Talk series. Dr. Gruber and I had a lively discussion on topics that may interest many.

There are many world-class scholars in this series. I’m humbled to be included among them. The Israel Bible Center site also has many articles of interest as well as courses available for further study.

Only those signed up for IBC’s courses can watch full interviews on their website, but they allow interviewees to share the video with their own website audiences.

The interview is over an hour, but it’s split into seven parts. I’ve summarized each section if you only want to hear part of it. If you listen to the whole discussion in order it will make most sense, of course.

Introduction and clip (Clip is the last 4 minutes of Part 2)

Part 1 Why is it important for Christians to grasp the Jewish context of Jesus?

Part 2 How did I get interested? Why is “Rabbi Jesus” so prominent in my writing? How do I explain the term “rabbi” to my audience?

Part 3 How does Jesus relate to Hillel and the Torah? A discussion of the chapter “Jesus and the Torah” in my book Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus.

Part 4 Why aren’t there cows in my creeds? A discussion of the chapter “Greek Brain, Hebrew Brain” in my book Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus.

Part 5 A discussion about my writing about how Hebrew speakers “paint” with words. What do the words for “faith” and “salvation” mean in Hebrew?

Part 6 Should Christians observe Jewish practice?

Part 7 What do I see as the future of Judaism and Christianity? What are my plans for future books?


3 Responses to “Interview: Learning from Rabbi Jesus, with the Israel Bible Center”

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    Nick Sarchet|December 12, 2019

    Just listened to the interview and wanted to thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge. I discovered your books last year and have been delighted and enlightened in reading every one! Thank you for being the inspiration that has so richly blessed and nourished my walk with my Lord and King through a better and deeper understanding of the Hebrew culture and teachings. The journey that began through your books has expanded to include many of your recommended books, authors and webpages. Thank you dearly and may the Lord bless you richly in your life and ministry as you magnify His Name to His Glory!

  2. 2
    Sandra Patterson|December 13, 2019

    Hi Lois
    Saw you interview with the Israel Bible Center and it was
    fantastic. I have read four of your books, and they are certainly an eye opener to the real Jesus. Being a member of a family full of ministers, pastors, and missionaries, I was no stranger to religion. However, I found that In main stream Christianity, I could not find Jesus. However, that has changed, along with your books, I have studied the Torah with Tom Brandord of the Seed of Abramham Ministeries in Florida and now I’m a student with the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies.
    knee deep in my studies. Keep up the great work Lois,
    and I will be praying for you, in regards to your Autoamune Disease, which I to have suffered from most of my life. Look forward to your e-mails.
    Have a Great Day!

    Sandra Patterson

  3. 3
    Ringo Felix|January 10, 2020

    I appreciate for your great contribution in bringing the broader understanding of God’s word by sharing the culture which the Bible came from. I read three books up to now, and I’m challenged in faith for transformation. That the kingdom of God is here and now. This brought a new perspective in join what the Lord is doing in my life,family, community and nation.I got a super software to run my hardware,my bible reading has become so clear and understandable, thanks so much. Ringo

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