New: 5 Hebrew Words that Every Christian Should Know

A Seriously Great New Book

Seriously Dangerous ReligionI don’t write many book reviews, but I wanted to share a new book that I’m really enjoying. It’s Seriously Dangerous Religion, (Baylor, 2014) by Iain Provan, Old Testament professor at Regent College.

The subtitle is “What the Old Testament Really Says and Why it Matters.” In it he traces out the biblical story as told by the Tanakh/ Old Testament, showing what made it truly transformational in the ancient world.

Provan wrote it to respond to critics of biblical monotheism. A growing sentiment is that the story of the Bible as a whole has alienated believers “…from each other, from other peoples, and especially from their fellow creatures and our …

I was a Cheater at Bible Reading

CheatingI was the “caboose” in my family, the last of seven children, born 20 years after my oldest sister. My five sisters were already teenagers when I was a kid.

When they went off to college, they left behind stacks of half-done crossword puzzle books. As a third-grader I leafed through the pages, trying to find puzzles at my level. The easy crosswords were usually already filled in. Only the difficult ones were left, and I gazed in awe at one kind of puzzle — the “diagramless” crossword. All you got was an empty grid. No black boxes, no numbers, just definitions. How you could even start?

The only way I …