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In the West, Man is Big and God is Far Away

Atlas Holds WorldI’m always fascinated by the question of what we need to know, culturally, to understand our Bibles better.

So I enjoyed the essay at this link by James Kugel, a Jewish biblical scholar, about a fundamental disconnect between the worldview of the Bible and of our Western world today. It’s from an essay on Psalm 104 in The Great Poems of the Bible.

Westerners see humankind as very powerful and human intellect potentially limitless. But the biblical world viewed human beings as a tiny part of a much larger reality which was utterly dependent on God. A sense of humility, of the “smallness” of man, is woven into the fabric of biblical…

ISIS, Ancient Violence, and the Torah’s Radical Response

Most of us are absolutely stunned by the brutality of ISIS, the Muslim extremist group. The grisly beheading of the news reporter, James Foley is too horrifying for words.

ISIS ViolenceWith this in mind, I’d like to point you to Stuart Dauermann’s article, ISIS: Something Wicked This Way Comes. He points out that this nightmarish wave of violence is very reminiscent of the appalling history of the Assyrians who once lived here. He comments,

Terrorism is not an Islamic invention. In the region, it is thousands of years old. By terrorism I mean the use of gruesome violence upon one’s enemies as a means of terrifying and subjugating those who survive. It is horrifying…