Jesus’ View of Pacifism

(By David Bivin. Chapter excerpt from New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus, with permission.)

The idea that Jesus taught pacifism arose primarily due to the misunderstanding of a number of his sayings. When viewed from a Jewish perspective, the gospel passages on which pacifism is based point to a quite different conclusion.

Non-ViolenceMany people over the years have seen Jesus as a pacifist — and for good reason. Here was a man who apparently was willing to die rather than defend himself, a man who taught his disciples not to kill, not to resist evil, to love their enemies, not to fear those who kill the body, and that…

Praying for my Friends and Heroes in Jerusalem

I just got news from friends about a prayer concern which I would like to share with you.

Children at ShevetDo you remember my telling about the heroic ministry over there called Shevet Achim?

They are a Christian ministry that goes to Gaza, Iraq and Syria to bring children to hospitals in Jerusalem for lifesaving heart-surgeries.

When families come from hostile areas and see the care that Jewish doctors and nurses lavish on their infants and toddlers, they are absolutely shocked, and their perceptions of Israel are utterly changed.

Jonathan Miles(I’ve written before about the amazing experience Jonathan Miles, their founder had at a Gaza police station.)

The Lord has given their ministry a wonderfully fitting home…