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Supporting Lois as an Author

Holding up TreeNot long ago I got a lovely note from a reader with a question I had never been asked before.

“Lois, I want to support your writing ministry. How best can I do that? Could I order your books in Christian book stores or should I go to your website, or to Amazon? How can I pray for you?”

I have to say, I was very touched. Most people assume that writing is a glamorous, easy job with big paychecks and an exciting social life. The reality is that it’s mostly a solitary existence in my basement office, grappling with ideas and digging up references. And writing is not a great …

Would Jesus have Recognized “Live Long and Prosper”?

Live Long & ProsperEven if you didn’t watch Star Trek, you probably know what Mr. Spock’s Vulcan greeting, “Live Long and Prosper” looks like.

If you were a die-hard fan (like me) you might have heard that Leonard Nimoy was Jewish and invented it based on his recollection of synagogue services as a child.

It’s traditional for the men who have descended from priestly families to stand up at the end of the service and pray the Aaronic blessing over the congregation, as God tells the priests to do in Numbers 6:22-27:

 The LORD said to Moses, “Tell Aaron and his sons, ‘This is how you are to bless the Israelites. Say to them: “‘The…