Dust Jacket for Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus

Forgive my enthusiasm, but I just got to see the full dust jacket for my upcoming book, Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus. It has the front, back and side flap text on it. Click on the image to look at it up close.

More information about the book on this page. The book comes out in January, but I will be getting some copies in just a few weeks. Make sure you’re on my email list to keep updated!

Early Reviews – Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus

Elsewhere you’ll see excerpts, but here are some unabridged comments about Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus from early reviewers.


“In her delightful style, Lois Tverberg engagingly leads us across cultures to begin to envision a different worldview, a worldview more consistent with the world of most of Scripture. In so doing, she brings alive texts of Scripture from the inside.”

­— Craig S. Keener, Professor of Biblical Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary; Coauthor, NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible


“Thanks to the good work of biblical scholars, the historical Jesus of Nazareth is once again situated in his divinely designed Second Temple period Jewish context. The next critical step is to understand that hearing him in his original setting equips us to follow him more faithfully in ours. The latest from Lois Tverberg is a meaningful contribution to that end. Read this book for a more informed reading of The Book.”

James C. Whitman, President, Center for Judaic-Christian Studies


“In Reading the Bible With Rabbi Jesus, Lois Tverberg opens up the Scriptures we all love and shines a fascinating new light on them. As she gracefully bridges the culture gap between Jesus’ first Jewish followers and twenty-first century Christians and unites the Old and New Testaments, I found myself falling in love with the Bible all over again. Lois is a superb teacher, using story and…