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The Messianic King … Your Thoughts?

KingThe title “Christ” or “Messiah” refers to God’s “anointed one.” Overall, the prophetic imagery is that of a king, although prophets and priests were anointed too. (For more, see What does “Christ” Actually Mean?)

In our modern world it’s hard to grasp what awe and worship kings inspired, and why Israel desired one so much.

I found it fascinating to read a description of the Messianic King by an orthodox rabbi, Nosson Scherman, which I’ve put below. I’m guessing that the rabbi derives some of his ideas from Scripture, some from Jewish tradition, and some from how kings like David and Solomon functioned in the ancient world.

Knowing that Jews and Christians…

The Torah’s Radical New Idea

How did the laws of the Torah sound in the ancient world? What radical new ideas was God was teaching? These are some of the things I’m writing about right now for my next book, called Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus.

I gave a talk a few months ago on this in the Haverim Lecture Series for the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies in Dayton, Ohio. You can hear my lecture at the link below.

The talk starts with an introduction to myself and writing. Then I share some of the questions I’m asking in my next book, which focuses on insights from Jesus’ Jewish world that can help us read our…