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Updated: Speaking in UK & Netherlands in June 2018

I’m excited to say that I’ve been invited to speak in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands this summer. I will be in the UK between June 7-17, and the Netherlands between June 18-21.

United Kingdom:

First, I’ll be giving a day-long workshop at Oak Tree Anglican Fellowship, in Acton, London. Here are the details:

Through the Eyes of Jesus

The Gospel as Jesus preached makes more sense when we hear it through first century Jewish ears. Come hear Lois Tverberg speak on Jesus words through first Century Middle Eastern cultural eyes. A day to gather, worship and hear God’s word together.

Saturday, June, 9:30 AM – 3 PM
Oak Tree Anglican Fellowship
216 High Street
London, W3 9NX

(As part of Oak Tree Anglican Fellowship’s “Blessed to be a Blessing” this event is completely free and open to all. Please book a ticket at this link and encourage others to book in as we are expecting tickets to go quickly. Doors open at 9:15am. There is limited local metered parking around, please use public transport where possible.)


Christian Friends of Israel – UK

The next week, I will be speaking at the following venues for Christian Friends of Israel – UK.

East Sussex:

Victoria Baptist Church
Eldon Road Eastbourne
East Sussex  BN21 1UE
Tuesday, June 12, 3pm-5pm
(Download the flyer)

West Midlands:

William Street Christian Fellowship
William Street, Brierley Hill DY5 3XH
Wednesday, June 13th 7.30pm
(Download the flyer)


One Life Church,…

Where Two or Three are Gathered…

I recently received a question about Jesus’ words in Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them” as they relate to the importance of studying together rather than alone. In my book Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, on page 72, I read this line about the importance of community in general.


One reader pointed out that the context of this verse is within Jesus’ teaching about making a decision regarding a sinner. Is it OK to apply it more broadly, or should we stick to a narrow interpretation?

My answer was that several Jewish sayings of this type apply to study, and sometimes when judicial verdicts are given. Rendering judgment requires a type of study, because rabbis were often asked to interpret the Torah in order to decide whether it had been broken or not.

“When two sit together and words of Torah pass between them, the Divine Presence rests between them” Mishnah Avot 3:3

“When three eat at one table and speak the words of Torah there, it is as though they have eaten from the table of God.” Mishnah Avot 3:4

“When three sit as judges, the Shekinah is with them,” Talmud Berachot 6

“Whenever ten are gathered for prayer, there the Shekinah rests.” Talmud Sanhedrin 39

There’s also a teaching about how many people it takes for God’s presence…