“Insights on Jesus of Nazareth” – Great Video Series

I recently took over the ministry of the En-Gedi Resource Center, and wanted to show you one of our nicest resources.

IJN-Set1Along with books, we published audio and video. One of our best series was Insights into Jesus of Nazareth: His Words, His Wisdom, His World. A dozen of the finest scholars on the first-century context of Jesus convened for the Jerusalem Perspective 2006 Conference. We’ve shared their presentations here — more than 15 hours on the land and Jewish culture of Jesus.

Here, for instance, is an excerpt from a talk by David Bivin, founder and editor of Jerusalem Perspective:

And here is an excerpt from a provocative talk called, “Is…

Celebrating my Return to the En-Gedi Resource Center

I have some happy news which long time friends and readers will especially appreciate. I was asked to take charge of the En-Gedi Resource Center, the ministry that I co-founded with Bruce Okkema back in 2001.

En-Gedi is the name of a gorgeous oasis in the Judean Desert near the Dead Sea. Springs gush out of barren rock, and anywhere the water touches, lush greenery springs forth. Likewise, the goal of En-Gedi is to provide “living water” for better Bible study, by sharing resources about the Bible’s original context to enliven study and encourage Christian growth.


For several years we spoke in churches, hosted seminars with scholars, published articles and built…