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Here are the top 10 articles and posts of 2014 on the website:

1. Mr. Spock’s God: The Mistake of Western Theology

The idea that emotions are irrational and unnatural arose from Greco-Roman philosophy. Many of our problems with God come from this unbiblical idea.

2. Does God Want Us to Fear Him?

The word “fear” is common in the Old Testament, and to many it sounds like we should cringe in dread of God’s presence. We also find “fear” often in the New Testament. Why is there so much fear in the Bible?

3. 5 Hebrew Words that Every Christian Should Know

Introducing my latest ebook, a friendly, bite-sized study of five flavorful Hebrew words. Readers taste the ancient wisdom of Hebrew and see how useful it can be for reading both Old and New Testaments.

4. A Surprising Idea in Isaiah 53

As often as you’ve read the prophecy of Jesus’ suffering in Isaiah 53, you’ll be shocked at the implications of one widely overlooked line.

5. Speaking is Painting: Why No Translation Can Be “Perfect”

Brush_stroke_painting sml 2When you speak, you “paint” in a language, using its finite palette of colors that have evolved from the cultural memories of its users. When you try to “paint” a scene in a different language, the same words can have different shades of meaning, so the result is never exactly the same.

6. ISIS, Ancient Violence, and the Torah’s Radical Response

Life was incredibly cheap in ancient times, and Near Eastern law codes reflected this fact. In Israel, however, murder was seen as an offense against God himself. Many of Israel’s uniquely humanitarian laws were based on the peculiar and supreme value that God placed on human life.

7. Free Books on Greek & Hebraic Thought

I’ve been reading up on Jesus’ Hebraic, Jewish culture and how it contrasts with our Western culture. Here are a couple great older books that are free to download because they are out of copyright.

8. Reading the Bible from a WEIRD Perspective

Kids close upThe modern Western worldview is far from the norm compared to the rest of the world. Could it be that our culture’s “uniqueness” is also a barrier to relating to the biblical worldview?

9. Why Does Your Creed have Cows in It?

When I first read the Shema, the daily Jewish profession of faith, I assumed it was their Apostle’s Creed. I was shocked because I was looking for doctrines like the “communion of saints” and “forgiveness of sins,” not mundane realities like grass, fields and cows.

10. Just Wait Until Your Father Gets Home…

There are some Hebrew words that really can’t be translated into English, and pakad is one of the most fascinating. It can be a wonderful word or a terrible word, depending on the context. How can this be?

Happy New Year! May your 2015 overflow with God’s blessings.

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